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Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is similar to a evaporator coil. The difference between condenser and evaporator coil is reversed. When the refrigerant realese its heat, a fan blows the air through the condenser coil and heat is pass into the outdoor air.
  • Air Conditioner Coil

    Air Conditioner Coil

    Vrcooler can offer copper air conditioner coil and aluminum air conditioner coil. The following information is for your reference. The difference between aluminum and copper: 1) heat transfer characteristics: As the heat transfer occurs, it is very important that the metal...Read More
  • Air Condenser coil

    Air Condenser coil

    Air condenser coil also named air cooled condenser coil.Read More
  • AC Condenser Coil

    AC Condenser Coil

    We are exporting AC Condenser coils to Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Turkey, Russia, UAE and USA with high clients' satisfaction and good relation. Product details Main material This AC Condenser coil is made of copper tube, aluminum fin and...Read More
  • Coil Condenser

    Coil Condenser

    The coil condenser is designed for high pressure and temperature, which is related to refrigeration condensation. In order to ensure the durability of the product under thermal expansion and vibration, a coil with a stronger brazing joint was designed. Various finned tube...Read More
  • HVAC Condenser Coil

    HVAC Condenser Coil

    The HVAC condenser coil is responsible for dispersing the heat collected from the indoor environment. Like evaporator coils, they are usually made of copper with fins or blades, which makes heat dispersion more efficient. The outdoor unit may also include a fan that moves the...Read More
  • Fin Tube Condenser

    Fin Tube Condenser

    Vrcooler engineers and constructed an economical, efficient, durable and thermally efficient fin tube condenser to meet a wide range of applications: Air conditioner Fan coil Heat pump Co ndensing units Close control AC Train air con ditioners AHU Dehumidifiers Showcases...Read More
  • Copper Condenser Coil

    Copper Condenser Coil

    The condenser is one of the prominent uses of copper tubes. The gas is changed into liquid and will appear at the proper temperature. The copper's fantastic heat transfer rate is one of the best options for achieving this, over 800% other heat transfer tube materials...Read More
  • Auto Condenser Coil

    Auto Condenser Coil

    The thermostat located in the car call cooling. Based on signals from the thermostat, the electromagnetic clutch on the compressor is joined by interconnecting the electrical system. Once joined, the compressor then circulates the refrigerant through the system through...Read More
  • Dehumidifier Condenser

    Dehumidifier Condenser

    The basic functions and principles of the condensing drying dehumidifier are very simple. The fan draws in moist air and is transported through a refrigerated evaporator. The air cooled far below the dew point. Water cooled on the cold surface of the evaporator and dripped...Read More
  • Water Dispenser Condenser Coil

    Water Dispenser Condenser Coil

    1000 pcs Water dispenser condenser Vrcooler produced were ready to deliver to Philippines Water dispenser manufacturer. Water dispenser condenser description Copper bare tube 9.52*0.3mm Aluminum fin 0.115mm galvanized plate 1.0m Geometry 9.52*25*21.65 Coil length 380mm Nr of...Read More
  • Refrigeration copper condenser

    Refrigeration copper condenser

    Copper has superior heat transfer rate. Copper condenser is our main product.Read More
  • Deep freezer condenser coil

    Deep freezer condenser coil

    Vrcooler produces a broad range of deep freezer condenser coil , specifically designed to our customers’ exact specifications.Read More
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