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Adiabatic Cooling System

Adiabatic Cooling System

The Adiabatic Cooling System is mainly composed of a fin tube bundle, an axial fan and a supporting steel structure.

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The Adiabatic Cooling System is mainly composed of a fin tube bundle, an axial fan and a supporting steel structure. Another can be equipped with maintenance platforms, shutters or other equipment according to customer requirements.


Features of Adiabatic Cooling System:

(1) Low power consumption and power saving

(2) Reduce electrolytic corrosion

(3) High cooling efficiency

(4) This Adiabatic Cooling System solves many problems with conventional water cooling 


     1) No pool, cooling tower, small footprint

     2) Pure water circulation, clean water, no scale

     3) closed loop, no debris entry, no moss, pipeline will not be blocked

     4) Small size, good integrity, easy installation

     5) Use closed loop, very little water consumption

     6) It can avoid the failure caused by condensate in summer equipment

     7) The volume of the water storage tank is small, and the high-frequency waterway antifreeze can be used in winter to avoid the waterway failure caused by high-frequency system ice formation.

     8) The equipment can still continue to cool in case of sudden power failure or water stoppage




Petrochemical industry

Steel mill

Natural gas equipment

Power plant

Other industrial cooling applications

Food processing industry

Malt beer industry


(1) Mechanical method (scrape, brush)

(2) High pressure water

(3) Chemical cleaning (pickling)

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