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Dry Fluid Cooler

Dry Fluid Cooler

Vrcooler is a professional modern enterprise that design, manufacture various types of heat exchange equipment and pressure vessels.

Vrcooler is a professional modern enterprise that design, manufacture various types of heat exchange equipment 

and pressure vessels. The company's five major categories of main products: heaters, coolers, energy-saving heat recovery devices, air coolers and pressure vessels, widely used in nuclear power, malt, paper, petrochemical, chemical fiber, steel, printing, food, tobacco, Multiple industries

Feature of Dry fluid cooler:

1. Unique "floating coil" design, effectively prevent the thermal expansion and 

contraction of the coil wear and tear

2. Efficient and compact fork row type design, wave-shaped fin, enhanced air spoiler

3. Strengthen the heat transfer internal thread copper tube, enhance the heat transfer 

coefficient, increase the heat exchanger area on the tube side

4. Optimized circuit design to match the appropriate air flow to ensure adequate 

heat transfer

5. Standard second-generation axial fan, low noise, large air volume, low energy 

consumption, different series of two-speed motor for optional to meet the requirements 

of different environmental noise

6. Galvanized steel frame and outdoor special spray coating treatment, stainless steel 

bolts, to prevent corrosion

Options for Dry fluid cooler:

1. EC variable frequency motor for optional to meet customer energy needs

2. ZA plus / Axi Top fan diffusers are available to increase airflow and reduce noise

3. Can provide fine atomized water-saving devices, significantly reducing summer 

high-load energy consumption

4. Optional Epoxy Coated or Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil Coil for Sea or Corrosive 


5. High purity stainless steel tube aluminum fin coil used to cool deionized water

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