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2018 Atlanta International Poultry Feed Expo
Jan 19, 2018

Exhibition time: 2018-01-30 ~ 2018-02-01 

Hall: Georgia World Convention Center

Hall where: North America United States

Show Address: Atlanta Georgia World Convention Center

Industry: Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing

Organizer: American Poultry Association

The Meat Industry Exhibition, sponsored by the American Meat Association and covering the meat, poultry and seafood industries, is the largest international exhibition of meat processing equipment in North America, displaying meat processing and packaging

【Range of exhibition】

Poultry production in all aspects, including: pharmaceutical, feed, production, processing and packaging. 

Participation in the field include: feed industry production equipment, raw material supply, feed additives, animal husbandry,

Animal breeding, animal nutrition and health care, animal disease prevention and control, poultry house environmental control, equipment, hatching, processing and so on.