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New Technology To Let The Fresh Meat Cold Chain Lead The Fresh All The Way
Jan 12, 2018

Frozen meat is the new productsonly appeared in recent 5 years. When people pay more and more attention to safety, nutrition and flavor, meet only in low temperature and refrigerated to meet the needs of consumers.

Cold meat can be widely promoted, the most important reason is the universal application of cold chain system. After our country entered the 21st century, it was cold fresh meat began to become a market.

According to statistics, at present, in some big cities in China, the sales of cold meat accounts for about 25% of the fresh meat market.

For cold meat processing, the use of cold chain logistics system guarantee in meat products processing, transportation, sales, until the whole process of cooking before always is in 0 ℃ ~ 4 ℃ environment, in the middle of which control is not good, it means the interruption of cold chain. Keep cold is the core of the cold chain, therefore, the cold chain logistics system requires higher, more complex and more investment than the normal temperature logistics system.

So far, about 90% of our country's meat products are still shipped and saled without the guarantee of cold chain. This shows the lack of cold chain technology in meat industry in China, while the cold chain system as an important means 

of ensuring perishable food quality, for the meat processing industry it has become increasingly indispensable.

Meat cold chain, including frozen processing, frozen storage, refrigerated transport, refrigerated sales of four important aspects. Frozen processing mainly involved the cold-chain equipment is cooling, freezing and quick-freezing device, not only requires the product itself low temperature, but also requires the processing environment of low temperature, in order to effectively inhibit the ring in the territory of the breeding of microorganisms. 

Frozen storage mainly involves the regrigeration of various types of springhouse, processing room , in addition to the temperature has strict requirements, the humidity in the environment also has strict requirements.

The core of refrigerated transport is continuous, accurate and reliable temperature control, which puts forward very high performance and real-time monitoring of refrigerated truck request.

The key point of cold storage sales is the frozen storage and sales, meat in the supermarket sales process also need cold storage, secondary processing and sale three small steps, and the most crucial part of this link is the correct use 

of refrigerators and sales personnel norms of operation. The most difficult of these four links is temperature control. At present, the related technologies and equipment in these four areas are not lacking and the main problems

is the low utilization of equipment and technical operation is not standardized.

Temperature control as the core of the cold chain, from raw materials to finished products, any small temperature changes will lead to the breeding of bacteria and food quality reduce, in the process of food processing and distribution, when anomalies occur, it is generally very difficult to correctly grasp exactly what happend and which link has problem, which requires real-time temperature management of the whole process of the cold chain system, not only to establish temperature records, and also keep track of temperature control. Only by implementing strict and efficient monitoring of the operation condition in each link of the cold chain can the quality and safety of food be effectively guaranteed.

With the increase of food circulation speed and scope, there are more and more unsafe factors in food circulation. How to apply advanced technology to the cold chain system becomes the key problem. While introducing advanced technology, job training for staff should also be strengthened.

As demand for chilled and low-temperature meat products continues to grow, as a necessary means of ensuring the quality and safety of meat products, the importance of cold chain's development to meat industry is more and more important.

However, the construction of the cold chain system is a huge project that requires the effective utilization of many social resources and the coordination of social forces. Rely on the strength of their own companies to establish a perfect cold chain supply system is very difficult. Therefore, we need the concerted efforts of the government, industry organizations and enterprises, in order to really promote the application of the cold chain system in the development of the industry.