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What Factor Will Affect Capacity Of Cold Room Evaporator?
Dec 25, 2017

A. The larger the heat exchanger surface of the evaporator becomes the higher the evaporator capacity will be.

B. There is a temp difference between refrigerant evaporating temperature and inlet air temperature. The greater the temperature difference becomes, the better the capacity of the evaporator will be.

However, for the benefit of the whole refrigeration cycle, the temperature difference is as low as possible.

In cold room project, if the refrigerant evaporative temp goes lower,the inlet pressure will be getting lower. It is unbenificial to compressor. 

Because of the decrease of inlet pressure, the efficiency of the compressor will decrease

C. The flow rate of refrigerant, appropriately increasing the flow rate of refrigerant. Heat exchanger effect can be better

However fast flow rate represents larger pressure drop, we usually take appropraite value in interest of both sides concerned during design the cold room evaporator)

D. The flow rate of air through the heat transfer area. In the appropriate range, increase the air flow, could improve the heat transfer effection, to obtain better evaporative capacity


E. Material of cold room evaporator. Cold storage projects using higher thermal conductivity of the material, will enhance the total heat exchanger coefficient of evaporator.


F. The tightness of fins and tubes. This factor also has the same effect on the evaporator. When the degree of bonding is poor, the gap between the tube and the fin will create a heat exchanger resistance and reduce the heat exchanger effection of the evaporator. 

Therefore, the accuracy of the mold used by the evaporator manufacturer and the quality of the expanded tube machine affect the quality of the evaporator. 

In addition, in order to prevent frost, the fins of the evaporator will be larger, and the fins will be machined to be able to support the height of the fins. However, the height of the fins such as the pull too long, easy to cause wrinkles fins hole situation, contact with the pipe can not be close, but cause greater heat loss. This point in the purchase should pay special attention. Do not think that the aluminum completely coated brass, heat transfer effect must be the best.


G. Frost. Frozen evaporator fin surface temperature is lower than the freezing temperature of water vapor, so the water in the air will form a layer of frost on the fin surface in cold room project . If the cream thickness is too 

large, it will cause the heat exchanger resistance of the evaporator surface. On the other hand, most cold room evaporators use axial fan blades, so when the evaporator accumulates frost, the static pressure increases, which not only reduces the air flow rate.