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What Is A Self Controlled Electric Film Heater?
Feb 01, 2018

Self controlled electric film heater is designed for storage tank heating research and design. The heater can replaced fuel steam boilers, electric heating tubes and other heating methods. It has a high dielectric strength, safe, reliable, long life, energy saving and other advantages.

Use the electric film quartz glass tube as heating element. The technology is a semiconductor electric material with tin oxide as the main body. It is based on the theory of polycrystalline semiconductor carrier flow. It defines the physical quantity of electric film carrier concentration, reveals the carrier concentration on the electric film, power, life, temperature, electrothermal conversion law. The electrothermal conversion rate of electrothermal film is linear with the change of carrier concentration. Based on this series of theories, electric heating elements and their manufacturing methods and products come out.

1. Working principle

(1) Electric film heating element immersed directly in the heat medium HTF. Power is generated after the heat directly to the HTF. The circulating oil pump delivers the heated heat transfer oil to a radiator provided inside the crude oil tank. Radiator then pass the heat to the crude oil, reaching the purpose of heating crude oil.

(2) Electric film heater using intelligent temperature control digital display system. The operation is very simple and easy. Users can set their own temperature according to need. When the specified temperature is reached, the heater automatically depressurizes and de-energizes, keeping the heated crude oil at the specified temperature. The heater will automatically start heating when it is below the specified temperature. If the heating pipe oil leakage, pressure sensors can be passed to the alarm and shutdown. 

2. Electric film heater performance characteristics

(1) High-quality materials

Liner and shell will never be corroded. Abrasion and impact resistance.Long life.

(2) Electric heating element

Through the insulation substrate surface modified electric film semiconductor generation technology, electric conversion rate as high as 98%, warming up fast. No open flame, life expectancy is 4-5 times the alloy heater. No hysteresis heating power off phenomenon, is conducive to precise temperature control (1 ℃), will not overheat and coking.

(3) HTF thermal media

High boiling point, Not vaporized even 350 ℃ temperature, atmospheric pressure, safe and reliable.

(4) Fully automatic control

Rapid response, from the power, heating, temperature control, power, lack of oil, fault alarm and a series of functions from the computer to implement, unattended.

(5) Heat medium circulation system

Use imported high temperature pump and explosion-proof motor.