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What Is Dry Cooling System And Dry Cooler?
Feb 05, 2018

Dry cooler for dry cooling system (referred to as air cooler), is based on the ambient air as a cooling medium, fan forced air swept finned tube, the tube of high-temperature process fluid to be cooled or condensed heat transfer equipment. Dry cooler unit by the fin tube, fan, frame three basic parts and shutters, maintenance platforms, ladders and other ancillary components. The use of natural air as a cooling medium saves valuable water, reduces the discharge of industrial effluents and protects the natural environment. Air coolers are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, thermal power plants, polysilicon, PVC, metallurgy, cement production lines, waste incineration power plants and so on.

The use of advanced air-cooled / air-cooled heat exchanger design software, sophisticated air-cooler manufacturing technology, according to different fin-type and manifold structure of different types, to provide users with the entire set of air-cooled technology solutions. Air cooler tube bundle modular design, heat load larger heat transfer conditions can be a combination of multi-module, easy to install and transport, axial fan using v-belt transmission, gear reduction drive, motor direct drive and other transmission. Axial fans can be frequency control, according to the need to regulate the air volume, to control the material outlet temperature and energy saving purposes. Inverter and other accessories are used well-known brands at home and abroad.


Dry cooler structure:

Air cooler in accordance with the structure of three types: blast horizontal air cooler, induced draft horizontal air cooler, inclined top air cooler.

Air-blast horizontal dry cooler:

The tube bundle is located on the exhaust side of the fan. The structure is easy to maintain and overhaul, and the fan motor is always located in the cooler air environment. It is suitable for systems with high process medium temperature and can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.

Induced air horizontal dry cooler:

The tube bundle is located on the suction side of the fan. Due to the effect of the air tube on the heat transfer finned tube, the effect of sunshine, wind, rain and snow is well blocked, so that the induced draft air cooler has relatively stable heat exchange performance. At the same time, it has a uniform distribution of air volume, less thermal cycles, less pollution, low noise and other characteristics.

Tilt-top dry cooler:

The tube bundle is tilted herringbone pattern, compact structure, small footprint, about 40% of the horizontal; but the media inside the tube and the tube outside the air distribution is not uniform, easy to form hot air recirculation; inclined top type can achieve antifreeze structure, especially suitable for Turbine steam air condenser.