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What Is The Purpose Of Ammonia Evaporator Defrost?
Dec 15, 2017

Ammonia evaporator also called NH3 evaporator, R717 evaporator

Frost on the surface of the ammonia evaporator in the cold room that hinders cold conduction and dissipation of the ammonia evaporator (pipe), which has eventually affected the cooling effect.

When the thickness of the frost layer (ice layer) on the evaporator surface reaches a certain level, the cooling efficiency even drops below 30%

Resulting in greater power waste, and shorten the life of the refrigeration system. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out defrosting operation in the proper cycle.

The purpose of defrosting

1.Improve system cooling efficiency

2.Guarantee the quality of frozen goods in the cold room

3.Save the electricity

4.Extend the life of cold room system.

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