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  • Condenser Coil

    Condenser Coil

    The condenser coil is similar to a evaporator coil. The difference between condenser and evaporator coil is reversed. When the refrigerant realese its heat, a fan blows the air through the condenser coil and heat is pass into the outdoor air.
  • Evaporator Coil

    Evaporator Coil

    An evaporators coil is a important parts of refrigeration system, it absorb the heat from the air in system which works with the indoor unit.
  • Heat Exchanger

    Heat Exchanger

    A heat exchanger is a device that use cooling medium to cool the heat medium. The mediums could be separated by a wall to prevent mixing, or they many in direct contaction.
  • Refrigeration Evaporator

    Refrigeration Evaporator

    Vrcooler manufactures industrial refrigeration evaporators,including air coolers,unit cooler, ammonia evaporator, co2 evaporator, glycol evaporator.
  • Cooler


    Ranges of air coolers, water coolers, intercoolers,aftercoolers provided by Vrcooler. Widely used in various industries
  • Industrial Air Cooler

    Industrial Air Cooler

    Find here industrial air cooler, commercial air cooler manufacturer. Give you best cooling system design and solution.
  • Tube Bundle

    Tube Bundle

    Vrcooler can supply our customers with any Tube Bundle or Heat Exchanger with varied material, used for varied heat transfer medium.