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Unit Cooler

  • Unit Coolers

    Unit Coolers

    We export unit cooler to Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Turkey, Russia, UAE and USA with high clients' satisfaction and good relation.Read More
  • Cold Room Cooling Unit

    Cold Room Cooling Unit

    Widely used for small cold storage, medical cold storage, vegetable cold storage project, etcRead More
  • Stainless steel Room Evaporator

    Stainless steel Room Evaporator

    Room evaporator do have galvanized steel pipe, can also be copper, aluminum or stainless steel tubeRead More
  • Freezer Evaporator

    Freezer Evaporator

    Freezer evaporator, we'll pick one for you.Read More
  • Evaporator Unit Refrigeration

    Evaporator Unit Refrigeration

    Evaporator unit refrigeration Use in Supermarket, Hypermarket, Hotels, Petrol Station and Smaller Cold Room.Read More
  • Cold Room Air Cooler

    Cold Room Air Cooler

    High quality DL, DD and DJ series cold room air cooler with reasonable price.Read More
  • Blast freezer Ammonia Evaporator

    Blast freezer Ammonia Evaporator

    Ammonia evaporator
    Ammonia unit cooler
    Read More
  • Ammonia Refrigeration

    Ammonia Refrigeration

    1. Tube material: Stainless steel
    2. Fin material: Stainless steel, aluminum, copper
    3. Casing material: Galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum
    Read More
  • Cold Room Evaporator Unit

    Cold Room Evaporator Unit

    We are immersed in providing an inclusive cold room evaporator unit. In order to maintain excellence, these products are designed using top class materials.Read More
  • Evaporator Unit

    Evaporator Unit

    Vrcooler evaporator unit are ready to be installed and equipped with master controller, reverse circulation defrost system can use air (closed cycle) defrost, electric defrost or optional reverse circulation defrost.Read More
  • Cold Room Evaporator

    Cold Room Evaporator

    The refrigeration system consists of four main components, namely, compressor, condenser, expansion device (usually TX valve) and evaporator. An cold room evaporator is a heat exchanger that transfers heat from the refrigerated space to the refrigerant. Evaporators are...Read More
  • Cold Room Unit Cooler

    Cold Room Unit Cooler

    The cold room unit cooler is designed to optimize cooling air distribution in refrigerated warehouses, walk-in coolers and freezers, meat cutting rooms, supermarkets and other applications.Read More
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