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Freezer Evaporator

Freezer Evaporator

Freezer evaporator, we'll pick one for you.

Freezer evaporator

These Low Profile walk-in electric defrosting devices are designed for the maximum capacity, minimum space, space and energy. These devices are only 15 "high" and are designed to be evenly mounted with the top of the cooler. The design of the cabinet makes it easier to access the front of the electrical and refrigerating parts.

VRCOOLER includes model Wire Fan guard; the front terminal board is easy to access and optimize the end panel space. These units are suitable for R-12, R-22, R-502, R-134A, R-401A, or R-404A. The improved drainage plate is designed with 3/4 "3/4" NPT drainage holes.

Features include:

Low Profile Walk-In Evaporator Freezer

Easy front access to electrical and refrigeration components

Easy front access to install and service.

Large 3/4" ID (3/4" MPT) drain hole

Factory installed distributor nozzle

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