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Walk In Cooler Evaporator

Walk In Cooler Evaporator

We offer different Walk in cooler evaporator solutions for different applications

Features of Walk in cooler evaporator


High performance finned coils, copper,aluminum or stainless steel tubes, corrugated aluminum fin, 4, 2 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm. and 10 mm. Fin spacing.

The frame is made of galvanized steel or aluminum

They have a thermostatic expansion valve application for a risk typedistribution system.


External structure

The entire structure is compact and high rigidity to avoid vibration.

All debris is easily removed for maintenance.



Spiral fans with high performance protection grid and motor that is 380 V, 3ph, 50HZ, fan diameters of 400, 500, 630 and 800 mm, IP-54 protection rating, external rotor and low power consumption. 

The ball bearings are suppliedwith a low temperature grease - 50 oc, and all cars are connected to a centralized waterproof junction box, according to the IP-55 standard.


Defrost heater

The defrosting is performed by a 230 V electric heater, built in a shielded tube, with shunting to avoid shunting, inserting a coil disk and connecting to a waterproof junction box.

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